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Blocout XL Cassette Blackout Blinds

Blocout XL Cassette Blackout blinds system for larger regular rectangular shape windows. Formerly called Bloc 80 blinds, in other words, roller blinds with side tracks/frames and cassette head box. The larger cassette blinds provides the option to fit on larger windows.

The blind needs  a minimum width 400 mm, maximum width of 2400 mm. The minimum drop 300 mm,  maximum drop of 2400 mm. 120 mm clearance for handles or obstructions for recess fit. Side rails/frames/rails/ bars measures 50 mm wide plus 17 mm deep. Surface mounted, an additional 140 mm is added to the top of the window opening and 100 mm on the width to allow for clearance so that the blind can operate correctly. Blocout XL Blinds provides room darkening properties in larger window. Therefore, the blinds can be used in bedrooms, lounges, studies, TV rooms or cinema rooms.

For commercial installations, a suitable fire resistant fabric is advisable. In either bathrooms or wet rooms a PVC fabric provides a perfect solution.

The cassetted blinds provides the latest design by Bloc Blinds in room darkening. All blinds made in UK.

How Blocout XL Cassette Blackout  Blinds Contrast With The Smaller Blocout Blinds

In the first instance both blackout blinds work in a similar way. A cassette box and side rails/tracks is available on both blinds. Each blind is adept at keeping the warmth in a room  while at the same time blocking out light. Yet, the larger cassetted blackout blind is operated by a metal chain as opposed to the spring blind that is found on the smaller blind. The chain can lift the extra weight the smaller spring system can’t handle. Chain colour option is silver in colour only.

Additionally, the larger cassette blind has the option to be motorised. This makes it a motorised cassette blackout blind in addition to being safe by design.

The fabric is standard roll. Furthermore, blackout fabrics available for both blinds be their plain as well as pattern.

Fabric pelmet an additional option at extra cost.

By the same token, brush seals run down each channel/guides in addition rubber seals aid energy saving. Similarly, aluminium channels or tracks plus cassette head box contributes to the blinds weight and strength.

Both blinds allows levelling using Guide Dogs. A unique system on the market for roller blinds with frames.

Moreover, frame colours available include white/silver.

Both cassette blinds are suitable for night workers or keeping the sun’s rays at bay during the summer months. In addition, the roller blinds in addition with side rails prevents TV glares in home cinema rooms.

Measuring Up- Blocout XL Cassette Blackout Blinds

Tip! Measure where you wish to fit the cassette blind. Use a pencil to mark the measurements, in order to have an idea when it comes to fitting.

Videos explaining how to measure both types of Blocout XL Cassette Blackout Blinds:-

Instant online quotes available.


It is possible to fit the larger cassette blackout  blinds in the recess or surface mounted. In contrast it is possible to fit the smaller Blocout Blinds on the window edge, recess or surface.

However, all blinds must be fitted squarely. If the reveal is not square, wood can be used to pack out the recess/reveal.

The blinds have been tested by the British Blind & Shutter Association on their ability to reduce heat loss from a window and it found a 43% reduction in heat loss. As a result, it has won awards for its design.


Most of all the Blocout XL Cassette Blind can be motorised rather than chain operated. Motorisation as a result ensures no cords pose a danger, thus improving safety. The battery is rechargeable. The cover at the end of the cassette head rail can be removed, revealing the charging port. By plugging in the charging cable into the port and the other end to the plug the blind takes a couple of hours to charge. The electric cassette blinds allows operating the roller blind with guide rails from the comfort of a chair.

Accordingly, the manual option includes a safety device. As a result, the installation height is essential to calculate the chain length so as to comply with blinds safety regulations in these circumstances.

Ordering Extra Help

Email A photo or two along with measurements of any window you wish to dress using this blind.

Order a sample/ samples to check the properties of the fabric and colour as monitors and devices can distort the real colour of a fabric.

NB  Fabric maximum width 2000 mm on most fabrics.  As a result, larger cassette blinds with wide widths or drops will been joined to obtain the chosen sizes.


Motorisation- Blocout cassette blackout blinds is best for larger windows.

In conclusion, the blinds avoid the halo effect often seen on regular blackout blinds. Regular blackout blinds don’t have side rails. Suitable for cinema rooms, bedrooms, playrooms in addition to night workers.

All cassette blinds are made to measure. Blinds quote available online.