Which Blinds Parts Can Be Replaced or Repaired?

Repairing a blind can save you money if you are able to find the damaged part in question.

It may be worth your while going back to the company that you bought the blind in the first place if it is known. Make a note of the part in question and contact the company to see if you can obtain a replacement part. Many blinds manufactures have parts that only go with their blind and so you need to be sure of the manufacture of blind. For example there are a number of different types of cord locks on Venetian Blinds. If you are unsure you may find it time consuming trying to locate the correct part.

Repairing Or Replacing

Here are the parts on most blinds which can be replaced. They are the cord lock, lift cord, the tilting wand if you have one on your blind and the tilt control.

However, Blinds Safety Regulations means that additional components must be used to comply with the Regulations. In order for this to be effective, the installation height is also required. The blinds cords must be 1500 mm from the floor. A breakaway connector should be installed.

Venetian Blinds be they metal or wooden can be restrung or re-corded. This should be done by a professional to ensure the blind operate correctly. The sidewinders on a roller blind can be replaced, but again you need the type of control or the manufacture as many companies have their own components.

Roman Blind Head-rails can be replaced. A pleated blind can also be re-stringed.

Take a photo of the blind and the part that seems to be broken. Contact a blinds company that offers a repair service in your area. Email the photo to them to see if they can identify the part that is broken.

If you have Velux Window blinds, these are difficult to repair and put back together again once the blind has been taken apart. For these blinds it would be better to buy a new blind.

If you have a vertical blind you will be able to buy replacement slats (louvers), bottom chain and top hangers.

Replacing blinds may be your only option if you are unable to fix them.