Of interest includes how Venetian Blinds Milton Keynes came about as a window blind option.

As a matter of fact, Venetian Blinds dates back in ancient history to Egypt.  However, during the 1700’s, Gowin Knight in addition to Edward Beran both took out patents. Later, Venice, Middle East, America in addition to Europe all took part  in bringing up to date.

Aluminium-Venetian cord-wand

Aluminium-Venetian cord-wand


Today, Wooden blinds, Aluminium Venetian Blinds or Faux wood blinds are available on the market.

Types Of Venetian Blinds Milton Keynes

Wooden blinds consist of  Basswood. For example, Basswood is light as well as durable. In addition, wands control the amount of light in a room. Gloss Wooden Blinds  provides a modern feel in addition to a focal point. The wooden blinds add a natural feel any room.

Over the years additional made to measure wooden blinds slats choices have kept up with modern trends. Cords controls the tilt and turn of the wood blinds. At the same another set of cords raise and lower the wood slats.

A safety cleat along with breakaway connectors helps to make the blind safer than previous wood blinds.

Sunwood Wood Blinds  affords a natural feel.  Moreover the blinds adds quality to any room. Currently, wood blinds in 50 mm size slats available online.  35 mm slats available on home visits. All wood blinds made to measure.

Larger Shutter Style 63 mm slats delivers a perfect solution for long windows.

At the same time, the option to motorise is available. This adds a safety attribute to the blind. By the same token, it turns a basic blind into a luxurious one.

Merbu 50 mm Venetian Wooden Blinds Keynes

Merbu 50 mm Venetian Wooden Blinds Milton Keynes

Not to mention Faux wood Venetian Blinds built from PVC, offer a solution for areas with moisture. Perfect in kitchens or bathrooms. The additional range of Faux wood slats provides more choice  Noteworthy, Faux Wood blinds are suitable for any room in the home. The range of slats colours proves popular with customers.

Aluminium Blinds

Even though the blinds were found in offices, acceptance within homes grew over recent years. 25 mm slats sizes being the most popular. Other sizes comprise of 16 mm, 35 mm at same time 50 mm.

The variety of colours affords the opportunity  to select a complimentary colour in line with decor. Many slats include special finishes. For example, wood effect, perforated in addition to modern neutral popular neutral colours. Other slats contain a pearl finish, matt, texture or print finish. Gold along with silver form part of the metallic slats. Looking for a shinny slat, gloss slat provides the answer.

Three Venetian Blinds 5101 25 mm gloss slat

Three Venetian Blinds 5101 25 mm gloss slat

Thermal coating blinds allows energy saving an important part in saving on energy bills.

Suitable for a range of room settings. The blinds finish off bathrooms, kitchens, front rooms as well as offices.  The ability to control the amount of light entering a room is a key feature.

The option to control the amount of light entering a room makes Venetian Blinds a versatile blind. Similarly  Aluminium Venetian Blinds Milton Keynes use cords, the same way Wooden Blinds do.




Two Venetian Blinds 4806 Perforated slats in 25 mm

Two Venetian Blinds 4806 Perforated slats in 25 mm


Perfect Fit 

On the positive side, the advent of UPVC windows, required the need for safe non drilled frame system. As a result, Perfect Fit blinds are a perfect solution. The blinds in essence are made up using a frame and the metal slats. Fixing brackets fit onto the window frame. The blind fit onto the brackets. The slats are enclosed within the frame.  A wand allows the slats to be open and closed. In essence Perfect Fit Blinds are blinds with side guides.

Other benefits include a free window sill for ornaments. In effect, privacy along with reducing gaps are extra bonus.

Perfect-fit-Venetian Blinds Milton Keynes 2550-25-amo-standard

Perfect-fit-Venetian Blinds Milton Keynes 2550-25-amo-standard

Perfect fit blinds in white close up

Perfect fit blinds in white close up


Safety cleats and breakaway condenser come as standard. The safety devices, are to protect children and vulnerable ones. Therefore, installing them is important.


A feather duster  helps to keeps the dust at bay. During the spring, using a professional ultrasonic cleaning service ensure the blinds are brought back to life.

A number of Aluminium Blinds to suit all windows either online or select at home or work.