Overview of Shy Blinds

Shy Blinds produce a range of  specialist roller blinds. Focusing on designing, developing, testing and manufacturing all products in Hertfordshire. The company are leaders in the UK blinds industry. Each blind is bespoke depending upon window design. The company work closely with architects, developers as well as interior designers. As a result, a range of solutions becomes available for clients windows. Creating blinds for difficult to dress windows is a daily occurrence. Blinds to cover narrow, long drops,sloping, large or irregular shapes are not problematic.

Shy utilise a range of  fabrics that form the foundation of their business. In addition, the company utilise top quality fabrics with a range of properties for instance fibre glass, fire resistant or metal coated. Selection of a fabric depends upon the the blinds location and client’s brief.

Moreover, much thought has gone into the hardware that forms the foundation of the blinds.

Given the current blinds safety, the option to motorize the blinds especially heavy ones is available. Furthermore, manual options are also available is the need arise.

Benefits of Shy Blinds

As part of the design, Shy Zip Blinds are a cassette blinds with side channels. However, the fabric is securely held inside a plastic channel. In addition, it fits inside the main side channel. This unique feature ensures the fabric from being blown out of the side tracks.

The blackout fabric with zipper ribbon can exclude more than 99.5% of light. The ZIP Cassette blinds systems are suitable for use in photographic studios.

Video of Shy Zip Blinds

Shy Blinds with side channels / tracks/ guides/ frames

Shy Blinds with side channels / tracks/ guides/ frames

The Shy Zip Blinds system works as it is radio frequency welded onto the blinds fabric. In turn,  the zipper is held in place within a a plastic inner channel. The system allows the fabric to be held firmly within the side channels. At the same time, the cassette blinds operates freely without snagging.

In addition, the blind creates a barrier between the window and fabric thereby reducing amount of noise within a room.

Moreover, a hem bar fits at the fabric bottom of the fabric. Along with brush strips prevent light entering a room. The blinds closes down onto a bottom channel. Light ingress is minimal as a combination of all these factors. A truly blackout blind with side tracks.

Energy saving forms part of the Cassette Zip blind system. A barrier between the glass and the room makes the blind more effective than a basic roller blind.

The option to  operate the blind by  electric or hand are available.

Electric Blinds

Motorised choices include:-

• Radio-Control

• Hard Wired

• Home Automation or Building Management System (BMS)

Additional Electric Option

• Option to add the Tahoma  Somfy system to control the blinds with phone. Must have good WiFi connection.

Equally important, the blind detects objects and will automatically stop.

Manual Options

• Chain – Heavy duty chain.

• Crank and gearbox – A handle turns the gearbox with the option to remove the handle.

• A moving hem bar.

Shy Zip Blind with chain

Shy Zip Blind with chain

Shy Zip Blind with brush seal

Shy Zip Blind with brush seal

NB These options are dependent upon the types of installation.


Obscura Blinds

On the positive side, Obscura roller blinds give the option to install not only on regular windows but also sloping windows.  Tilting windows, ,shaped glazing , roof lights and atria as well as curved areas such as glazed domes pose no problem. Atria or barrel-vaulted roofs along with Cupolas are additional installation choices using this system.

Seventy square meters, give a maximum overall coverage on Obscura blinds.



Nine sizes are available in barrel sizes.  The correct size depends upon the width the blind needs to operate in. The barrels widths ranges from thirty three millimeters to on hundred and sixty millimeters. The option to pull the blinds side ways is available.

The installation brackets provide a secure attachment to the barrel.


Sunfacta Roller Blinds

Fifty square metres, give a maximum overall coverage with these blinds.  The choice of fittings includes internal or external.

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