Various Types Roller Blinds

Roller  blinds – The information provided on this page is an explanation or a guide to the various terminology used within the blinds industry.

Roller blinds are made from a rolled round a tubular roller mechanism often made of Aluminium. The tube is covered with fabric often made of polyester, rolled round a tubular roller mechanism. The blinds are pulled up and down with a chain and a bottom bar is added to improve the way the blind hangs.

Basic Standard Roller Blind

These blinds are made with a metal tube or wood (older blinds). Blinds can be made from an array of fabrics which are chosen a variety of reasons. Some as a result of colour scheme or because of specific reasons such as an anti-glare, anti-bacterial, fire retardant properties (for commercial offices),solar reflective, suitable for moist conditions (bathrooms or kitchens), plain and patterned blinds.

Blinds can be standard rolled with the blinds rolling up towards the window as shown below.

They can be reversed rolled. To avoid some handles, this method if often chosen. See photo below.

Roller Blinds Reversed rolled blind

Roller Blinds Reversed rolled blind

Cassette Roller Blinds With Side Rails (See picture below) & Plain Cassette Roller Blinds

A head box,allows the fabric to be rolled up into it can be found on both these blinds. A cassette roller blinds does not have side rails.

Side guides rails which sandwich the edges of the fabric to ensure maximum light tightness are to be found on Cassette roller blinds with side rails We have introduced a new eco thermal blackout/ dim out blinds that keep a room warm in the winter and cool in the summer. No power tools are required for fitting and are a child safe cordless system. These thermal cassette blinds are energy efficient and keep the heat in during the winter and the room cool during the summer.These blinds are cordless and so suitable for a child’s room.

For for a child’s bedroom or a for a total blackout- See our BlocOut Blinds with side bars & BlocOut XL for larger windows

Blackout Roller blinds

Blackout Roller Blinds are often used to darken a room such as a bedroom, TV or cinema room.

Flame Retardant/ Fire Resistant Roller blinds

These blinds are suitable for commercial buildings or public buildings where health and safety is an issue. All the fabrics have been tested and help to meet insurance requirements.

Solar Reflective /Energy Saving Blinds

These blinds reflect the sun rays by blocking them. They have a special backing that enables them to keep a room cool in the summer and warm in the winter (providing the room is heated).


There are many companies offering a range of motorized fittings for roller blinds.

Some installations can be basic and can be more complex depending upon the window treatment. The price is dependent on the type of motorization needed.

Spring Mechanism

Inside the aluminum tube a spring mechanism is fitted,that operates the blind.

This is often determines if a spring roller blind can be made as if the window measurements are too big, then the spring may not be able to handle the load.

Roller With Metal Springs

Spring operated blind is usually pulled down by a centre cord. This allows the blind to stop wherever you would like it to as a result of this mechanism. Often a choice of acorns in wood or metal is offered.

Many find the spring operated roller blinds difficult to operate and so many blinds companies do not offer it as a standard option. We can supply this type of blind. If you wish to purchase a blind with this system, you can submit your order online but please add the request in the delivery instruction section or contact us us beforehand and we will ensure that you receive the blinds you would like.

Wooden Spring Roller

This works in a same way as the metal Spring Roller except the the tube is made of wood. No found very often today.

Decelerator Spring

A decelerator (braking) mechanism controls the speed at which the blind operates.

Fibre Roller

Often made from compressed and glued wood fibres a action spring or friction mechanism is fitted into a roller tube. They come in standard sizes and are sold by mail order firms or for DIY firms.

Flange End Roller

A spool is inserted into aluminum tube. The blind is operated by tape,cord steel or aluminum tube cleat and it also uses gravity.

Sheath End Spring

It is fitted with a spring. It works similar to the Flange End Roller.

Parts That Make Up A Blind


Often made of wood, plastic or metal. A knot holder is added to the bottom of the blind with a pull cord attached to enable the blind to operate.


This is a highly versatile material used in a variety of systems, from the largest to the smallest. Often used in the barrel of the blind.

Bottom Rail

Can be made of wood, aluminum or plastic. This is secured into the bottom pocket of the fabric to improve the hang of the blind.

Stiffening Batten

Stiffening battens are found a pocket across the width of the fabric to prevent bowing. They can also be referred to as cross rib.


Used on small windows, for those on a budget, DIY or mail order.

Knot Holder

Can be metal or plastic and is used to attach pull cord to bottom rail.


A round pin or a slot head that inserts into the fixing bracket.

Pin width

Maximum width including pins which insert into brackets.


Scallops refer to the shapes that can be added to finish off the bottom blind. They are added under the bottom bar.


Found at the core of the spring mechanism.


This can be used instead of aluminum and is a less common material used in a variety of systems, to prevent rust the steel need to be painted or it should be galvanized.


Is generally only used as a spring roller on small to medium size windows and not too commonly used.

Measurement Terminology

Barrel Width

Refers to the roller tube without the pins that the brackets fit onto .

Blind Size

The size form bracket to bracket including end caps. If you do not wish to fit the end caps them advise your manufacturer.

End Caps

Fitted to the end of the fixing brackets to finish off the blind.

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