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Distinction Champagne- A fabric with a beige/cream background and gold damask like pattern

  • Distinction Champagne- A fabric with a beige/cream background and gold damask like pattern
  • Three Distinction Champagne Roller Blinds in a living room

Distinction Champagne Motorised

mm x mm


    NB The price for these blinds are made up of the cost of the basic blind and motor.

    Additional cost if cassette option is selected.  Choices of selected cassette type (open or closed) using the width size and the motorized option be it battery or mains. * (See useful information on the bottom left hand side of page for more details.)

    NB This Option is subject to fabric thickness. The thicker the fabric, the more difficult it is to fit in the insert.

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    • 37.8 £
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    • 43.1 £
    • 101.7 £
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    • 104.5 £
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    Please enter details of the window's locations, so that when the blind is delivered, you will know where it goes.

    E.g David' s Bedroom

    Useful Information


    Please enter your width and drop in the boxes on the right.

    The option to just buy the blind with a motor either on the left or right.

    Then select where you wish to fit the blinds followed by the cassette type you would like.

    Followed by if you wish to just have a blind and a motor only either on the left or right.

    Next the cassette option type (open or closed ) supplementary price based on the width range.

    Additions for either battery or mains options.

    The remote options

    Last but not least the hub options & charging options

    How to Fit Motorised Blinds

    Battery Info

    One Touch General Info

    Rechargeable Battery Remote & Charger Details 

    Lithium Re-chargeable Battery Motor 5 Channel Instructions 

    14 Channel Remote Instructions

    Video For Hardwired

    Information For Motorised Blind & Setting Up Remote


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Product Description

Fabric Details

  • A fabric with a beige/cream background and gold damask like pattern
  • Made from 35% Polyester and 65% Cotton
  • Suitable for moist conditions
  • Sponge clean
  • Use in any room in the home


  • One Touch Motor Battery
  • A/C Mains 1500 Series Hardwired

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