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Vertical Blinds Custom Made Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds Overview

Vertical Blinds custom made blinds in brief, consists of:-

  • An Aluminium Head rail
  • Slats
  • Wand/ cords
  • Chain
  • Weights
  • Stabilising chain
  • Fabric Strips
  • Brackets

Types Fabric

In essence, polyester for the most part, makes up the vast majority of the vertical blinds fabrics. At the same time, a mixture of linen, cotton, acrylic in addition to PVC for the balance of fabrics. Up to the present time, the range of colours includes white, cream beige to name a few.

Practical Uses

Commercial windows, on the whole, that are not only wide but long are a primary choice. Under those conditions, fire resistant fabrics are essential.

By and large south facing domestic or commercial windows attract strong sunlight. Solar Reflective fabrics, on the whole reflect the sun’s rays.

Accordingly an ability to adjust the slats ensures the capacity to control privacy as well as light.

The blinds complete your window treatment, complement your home, office and suit all budgets sold online


The head rails in particular, those with chains and cords, posed a hazard. However, the latest safety regulations, ensures all head rails are built with either a wand or safety clips. A wand minimises cords posing a danger to young children or individuals with some special needs.


All products are manufactured using the latest components available on the market.

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Additional fabrics