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Venetian Blinds For All Budgets General Information

Venetian Blinds to suit all budgets offers a practical way to dress a window.  The blinds comes in a wide range of colours suitable for any modern colour scheme. Modern colours such as grey, neutrals, monochromatic for example, blacks along with perforated, along with Wood Effect make up the collection. The Wood Effect blinds resemble wood and consists in a range of wood colours. The Stratus slats for instance adds extra texture to any window. Other names for the blinds includes slated, horizontal or louvre blinds. All Venetian blinds consists of metal slats in 25mm.

The slats are part of a leading market producer The Hunter Douglas Group collection within the the blinds industry. As a result, the highest quality slat provides an enduring products. The collections offers Venetian Blinds to suit a wide range of budgets. Made to measure Venetian Blinds ensures that the blind fits the window perfectly. The option to recess fit (within the window reveal) or exact fit (usually outside the window reveal is available.

Mid Grey Venetian Blinds 244 in 25mm & in a modern bathroom

Mid Grey Venetian Blinds 244 in 25mm & in a modern bathroom

What are Venetian Blinds & How Do They Work?

Venetian blinds within this collection consists of horizontal aluminium slats in 25mm. Stacking the slats one on top of the other and held together using cords. In addition a bottom rail secures the operating ladder cords. A top headrail keeps the operating mechanism hidden. In order to pull the blind up, cords are positioned either on the left or right hand side of the blind. The wand allows the slats to rotate open and close. In effect, the option to alter the angle of the slats controls the amount of  light entering a room.

Wherever possible, Venetian Blinds are made using colour matched head and bottom rail. However, it is not always possible to do this. In that case, co-ordinating rails and ladder cords. An alternative bottom rail is available.

Venetian Blinds Tolerances

Minimum Width 300 mm

Maximum Width 2600 mm

Minimum Drop 300 mm

Maximum Drop 3050 mm

Deductions  For Recess Size 10mm on the width and 10 mm on the drop 

Energy Saving Venetian Blinds

Within the collection the Thermostop Venetian Blinds  contains a silver coating that reflects the heat and save energy during the winter. The Thermostop slats with the silver backing tilted outwards allows the heat to be reflected from the sun’s rays. In effect, keeping the room cool thereby reducing the need for additional cooling. However, during the winter, allowing the silver backing facing the room, minimises heat loss from a room. In order when the blinds are closed.

As a result, the blinds includes an additional premium to cover the extra expense in production.


All Venetian Blinds includes a base price as standard. For slats with special finishes, there is an increase in percentage. For the vast majority, the extra is 15%. On the other hand the Thermostops blinds, an additional 60% forms part of the additional cost.

Furthermore, the wider and longer the window, the more the Venetian Blind will cost.

The blinds offers a long term window treatment providing they are maintained.

Benefits Of  Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds provides the option to control the amount of light that enter a room. For instance, the blinds allows the customer to lift them allowing for window cleaning as well as increasing light entering a room.

Of importance is privacy and the blind allows the customer to control how much privacy that is required using the wand to open the slats or close them.

Moreover, as a window treatment these blinds provides a focal point in any interior design.

The versatility, makes them suitable for domestic windows. In particular, such rooms for example, kitchens or bathrooms.

In addition, these blinds offers an excellent choice for commercial windows.


Children as well as venerable individuals lives play an important part of society. Consequently, in order to comply with the Blinds Safety Regulations, the Installation Height  measurement so that the cords lenghts meet the regulations forms part of the order process. The Regulations state that the safety feature must be 1.5 m from the floor.

Importantly, consideration of cots, beds or chairs, other furniture’s location within a room is imperative.

All blinds comes with safety products. In this instance, a safety cleat. Installing them correctly, helps to prevent strangulation from the cords. Secure the cords around the cleat after operating the blind.

Cleaning Venetian Blinds

Using a feather duster to clean the blinds regularly will help them looking in tip top condition. If a feather duster is unavailable, a cloth can be used. For a more deeper clean, using an ultrasonic professional to clean the blinds of dust and grease.

The website offers a range of Wooden Venetian Blinds. The blinds collections includes, regular wooden blinds, gloss blinds and faux blinds. The Faux collection are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens that are not south facing.

In summary, Venetian Blinds provides a versatile option as a window treatment on the market.