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Sunwood Gloss Wooden Blinds With Tapes/ Without Tapes

Sunwood Gloss Blinds

Sunwood Gloss Wooden Blinds as the name implies, the slats are finished with a gloss finish. Built by Decora Blinds the wooden blinds offer a clean contemporary look. High quality Basswood forms the slats basis.

Adding tapes, takes the blind to the next level. Furthermore, the range of coloured tapes, adds style instantly.

The collection comprises of  four gloss blinds.  Stained edges can be provided as an extra. All being hard wearing.

Operating Options

Wooden blinds can be manually in addition to motorisation.

Nevertheless, motorisation options ensures opening and closing the blind with one touch of a button.

Remotes obtainable either for one or five blinds.

On the other hand,  a wall mounted charge is available.

Furthermore, timers provides additional options



NB Important to realise, variation can arise in shade because of the nature of wood.