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Sunwood Fauxwood Blinds

Sunwood Fauxwood Blinds Overview

Sunwood Fauxwood Blinds are made from PVC. Not only providing the same style as real wood Venetian blinds, but also making it difficult to tell the difference between the two. In reality, the faux wood Venetian blinds offers a practical solution as bathroom or kitchen blinds. As a result of the PVC construction the blind the slats allows use in as moisture resistant blinds or waterproof blinds.

Fauxwood boast great value for money and are generally cheaper than Wood Blinds. However, there are a few disadvantages. Over a period of time, the slats may experience shading,  dis-colouration or warping from sunlight or in hot rooms such as conservatories. Therefor these blinds are not suitable for South facing rooms.

Additionally, slats can vary in colour from pelmets colour or in production batches. This is similar to wall paper.

Equally important, the Sunwood fauxwood blinds are easy to clean.

The option to add  either Herringbone or Flat weave tapes is available.

Sunwood Fauxwood Blind Sizes

Minimum Width 290 mm

Maximum Width 2400 mm

Minimum Drop 150mm

Maximum Drop 3000 mm

 Slat Sizes

35 mm/50 mm

Head rail Sizes

35 mm Head rail 42 mm x 42 mm       50 mm Head rail 42 mm x 50 mm


Head rail, matches blind, universal box brackets, hold down bracket and fitting instructions.

Sunwood Fauxwood Blinds Stack Sizes (Approximate)

Blind Drop          35 mm              50 mm

500 mm                  110 mm                155 mm

1000 mm                160 mm               155 mm

1500 mm                200 mm              200 mm

2000 mm               250 mm               245 mm

2500 mm                295 mm              290 mm

3000 mm                340 mm              335 mm

Of note, a sample swatch may vary slightly different from made up blinds.

Sunwood Fauxwood Blinds cannot be aligned and matched.

NB To ensure that the fabric will suit your needs, please order a sample as the way devices or monitors display our blinds can vary and the blinds are given to illustrate how they may look.