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Senses Blinds Buy Online, Slowrise, Chain Or Motor

Senses Blinds Operation Choices

Senses Blinds – Merit Blinds offers Slowrise, Sidewinder or battery options. In order to improve child safety, Eclipse Blinds came up with the idea of the Senses Cassette Blinds system. In essence, roller blinds with matching pelmets or fascia.

Senses cassette roller blinds in the first instance can be either spring operated, pulled up and down using a side winder or motorized.

All Senses Blinds come on on a 32 mm tube. Moreover, the speed and stop variant are set at the factory. Therefore  the roller blinds cassette system instructions to alter the speed are included within the box. The ability to set the stop or rise at the same height as chosen is available.

The Senses Cassette Blinds are available in a range of fabrics such as plains, stripes, blackout or solar reflective material. All fabrics with the properties aids in selecting the perfect blind for any room. In essence these are roller blinds with cassette along with pelmets.

Portobello Amethyst Senses blinds in a kitchen

Portobello Amethyst Senses Blinds in a kitchen

How The Slowrise System Works

The Slowrise  option is a spring operated roller blind. In order for the system to work, a slowrise spring is inserted into the roller tube. A tension tool pre-tensions the blind. A locking tool locks the tension in place.

The system allow the blind to rise  and stop along with controlling the speed at which the blind goes up and down.

Senses Roller Blinds Safety

In the light of safety, the spring loaded option provides a number of benefits. The benefits include, no cords posing a health hazard for children or those with special needs. To say nothing of pets as well. The Senses Blinds provides a solution for playrooms, nurseries or bedrooms.

Not to overlook the Motorize Senses Blinds which permits controlling the blind with the touch of a button. Because of this, they are safe by design with no cords running on battery power by Eclipse Powershade. In like manner the blinds offer the same benefits as the Slow rise Blinds. Moreover, Senses Cassette Blinds options are either Slowrise or Sidewinder Blinds with or without the fascia option is available online.

Of importance the array of fabrics offers  a practical solution to any window. Due to the blackout properties, Blackout blinds, darken a room by blocking light. Additionally, plain fabrics as well as solar reflective fabrics offer alternative solutions.

Sidewinder Sizes:-

Min Width: 300 mm
Max Width: 2000 mm
Min Drop: 200 mm
Max Drop: 2400 mm

Slowrise / Motor

Min Width: 500 mm
Max Width: 1800 mm
Min Drop: 200 mm
Max Drop: 2000 mm

Senses Blinds Components

Standard white aluminium fabric covered fascia with matching fabric, clear end caps and fascia. White bottom rail end cap, no sew bottom bar covered with the same fabric, silver top fix brackets and colour coordinating pull.

A white plastic chain is only available on blinds sidewinder operations.

Alternatively, a combination of options is available for made to measure Senses Blinds online. With this in mind, the spring blinds is a truly bespoke blind.

Price For Senses Blinds

  1. The cost of the basic blind – this will appear in the pink circle.
  2. The price of chosen cassette be it sidewinder with no fascia or
  3. Sidewinder with matching fascia or
  4. Slowrise with fascia matching fabric or
  5. Motorised Cassette covered with matching fabric.

Fixing the Senses Blinds

Top fix the blinds so as to avoid window handles. As long as this is possible, the blind sits further out within the recess.

In the event that recess fit is not appropriate, face fix the blinds.

NB Unlike regular roller blinds Senses Blinds can’t be reversed rolled.


Notably, Senses Blinds takes five to seven working days excluding holiday periods to make.

Senses Fascia Compatibility

Of note is the fact that a number of fabrics are too thick to fit comfortably within the Senses Fascia. However, it is possible to use the same fabric on the fascia as the main roller. The fascia covers the tube as well as adding a finishing touch.

Customize the blind further by selecting chain colour in addition to end caps.

How To Obtain A Senses Roller Blind Quote

As there are an opportunity to really choose a  number of options, the website will assist in a truly custom Sense Roller Blinds Quote online. In fact, no other blind offer so many options as Senses Blinds.

Moreover, Senses Cassette Blinds options include Slowrise, Motorised or Sidewinder Blinds  with or without the fascia option is available online.

A range of different colour end caps is also available.

In conclusion, Sense Blinds offers not only a bespoke blind but a wide range of options.

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