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Following the announcement from the Government, we are working from home and dealing with queries by email or phone. Email or phone 01908 53482. NB Domestic blinds manufacturing are suspended as are any local visits in Milton Keynes. However, Commercial Blinds with side rails are still being produced as many blinds are made for the NHS. The domestic market will be reviewed and we will take our lead from any Government changes. Please stay safe during these difficult times.

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Rooflite Blinds |Roof Blackout Loft Blinds

Rooflite Blinds Outline Details

As a matter of fact, Rooflite Blinds provide a practical window dressing. Up to the present time, Velux built a vast range of skylight windows. However, over time Rooflite increasingly, build numerous loft windows. In effect, supplies for loft blinds grew including a need for Rooflite blinds.

Bloc Blinds supplies a colourful range Rooflite window non branded blinds. The selection includes a range of plain fabric along with pattern fabrics. During development, quality remains at the forefront.

Rooflite Blinds in Pink in a loft girl's bedroom

Rooflite Blinds in Pink in a loft girl’s bedroom

Type of Blinds Roof Blinds

A large variety of colours along with pattern fabrics make up the collection. In fact, three aluminium colours are on offer.  For instance, the silver makes up the basic blind. However, cream and white incur an additional charge.

A blackout fabric remains essential in darkening a room. As a result only Rooflite blackout blinds are available.

Moreover, the design ensures ease of installation in addition to use.

Last of all, but not least, samples affords the opportunity to check suitability.

Installation Video

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