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Roman Blinds A Range Of Luxury, Mid Range & Basic Roman Blinds

In the first place Roman Blinds comprise a very opulent window treatment. By the same token, the blinds add a sumptuous feel to any room. For the most part they provide a focal point in any room. In essence panels lie flat when down. Once pulled up, the panels fold up into horizontal folds. Accordingly, on the back of the blind, sewn pockets aid in keeping the shape. In effect,  the blinds remain straight as a result of rods at the back of the blinds built into the pockets.

Two Robin White Roman Blinds Fitted in recess windows

Two White Roman Blinds Fitted in recess windows

In fact, over the years their popularity has gone from strength to strength. This is particularly true in bedrooms or front rooms. The construction consists of the main fabric, lining and head rail. Actually the blinds are pulled and down using a chain or motorised.


Initially, the cost starts with the choice of fabric. Next, the choice of operation, be it chain or motorization. Roman Blinds now comes with a nickel chain as standard. In addition, the choice of lining, although standard lining  in white or cream forms part of the basic cost on the website. Blackout lining does not form part of the standard basic blind. It is an optional extra and is added to the basic cost of the blind.  An extra 10% is added to the overall cost of the blind.

Of particular note, the design of printed fabrics is not guaranteed to be centralized, although an effort to centralize pattern less than one width wide. However, blinds in sizes over 1300 mm wide, two equal vertical joins. Blinds that fits side by side so that the pattern match on each blind across the window cost more to construct. As a result, pattern matches incurs an additional 3% per blind to reflect the fabric wastage and  amount of work in construction. The price for these blinds reflects the amount of extra work in producing these items.

There is now an option to motorise the Roman Blinds. Powershade is the Roman Blind System as an optional extra and battery operated. The motorised blind is controlled using a single channel remote or a fifth teen channels. Also the option controlling the blind with a smartphone is on offer using a Powershade  Controller. It works with Alexa or Google Home.

Additionally, the Roman blinds fabrics are in five group bands. Band A being the cheapest, Band C, mid range to Band E the most expensive.

How To Use Roman Blinds

In fact, Roman Blinds are ideal for long thin windows. Alternatively, wide windows, look better hung with two or more blinds next to each other. In the event of bay windows, whenever possible hang a blind in each section.

As the blinds are made up into one single rectangular shape. As a result, Roman blinds are not a practical solution for sloping or different shape windows. Nevertheless, Roman Blinds provides a room darkening solution especially when made with a blackout lining.

That being said, the option to fit the blind either in the recess or surface fit. Fitting in the recess, permits the option to add curtains outside the recess. At the same time, if space is limited, then recess is a perfect option.

Roman Blinds Fabrics

Merit Blinds offers a wide range of fabrics in the Roman Blinds collection. Fabrics includes, Polyester, Cotton, Viscose along with Acrylic. Some fabrics contain a combination of the these fabrics. There are a large range of colours patterns and styles to compliment any décor. In addition, the range of fabrics offers a chance to add texture  or pattern in any colour scheme.

The Roman Blind collection has been updated with the latest fabrics on the market. In addition the fabrics are not found on many websites online.


Generally speaking, basic lining forms an integral part of Roman blinds. However, additional options such as Blackout Lining forms part of the construction modern Roman Blinds. It is important to take into account that pin holes may be visible with blackout lining. Other options such as, standard fire retardant with a blackout backing provides an alternative lining when the need arise. In addition,  fused bonded interlining provides weight too the main fabric. This also improves the overall hang of the blind. In effect, where the lining has been sewn or tacked to the face of the fabric. Either standard or blackout lining is available.  Lining consequently, improves the hang of the Roman Blind along with the life of the Roman blind. Additionally, lining helps in preventing fading from the sun’s rays.

Roman Blind Sizes

Minimum Width 300  mm

Maximum Width 2500 mm

Minimum Drop 300 mm

Maximum Drop 3000 mm

Complying With Safety Standards 

Because of Regulations, all Roman Blinds arrive with Child Safety Devices. With this in mind, installation of a safety device is paramount. The Roman Blinds comes with a Nickle plated chain on the right as standard. However, the option for the chain on the left is also available on the website.

Additional Points When Buying To Keep In Mind

NB Due to colour variants between products, colour match is not be always guaranteed. The nature of some restrictions within the manufacturing process do not allow for the vertical symmetry of a patterned fabric. Notably, straightness of the horizontal design is not always guaranteed. The design of printed fabrics is not guaranteed to be centralized. This is a key factor when blinds are in the same room.

Of real importance, over time they may alter in shade and size. In addition, as a result of environmental conditions blinds may adjust.  With this in mind,  the situation can’t be avoided and occurs as a result of the fibres in the fabric during the manufacturing process.

How to Clean Roman Blinds

In order to keep the blinds in tip top condition, It is best to get the blinds professionally cleaned. On the whole, most fabrics are suitable to be dry cleaned. Within each fabric description, contains details of how to clean each fabric.

Another key point is the cost of Roman Blinds. The blinds are not the cheapest way to dress a window.  However, the blinds offers a real statement. This is especially true when the blind is motorised.

In conclusion, Roman Blinds softens any window treatment and add to a soft furnishing in any home. The blinds are a top quality blind and completes any window treatment as a focal point. All Roman blinds are bespoke. Roman provides a sumptuous feel and look in a room. When used in conjunction with curtains, the blinds provides a layering effect. The combination of Roman blinds and curtains offers the opportunity to reduce energy bills given the current economic climate along with energy crisis.

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