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Roman Blinds

Luxury Roman Blinds Overview

In the first place Roman blinds comprise a very opulent window treatment. By the same token, the blinds add a sumptuous feel to any room. For the most part Roman Blinds provide a focal point in any room. In essence panels lie flat when down. Once pulled up, the panels fold up into horizontal folds. On the back of the blind, sewn pockets aid in keeping the shape.  The blinds  remain straight as a result of rods at the back of the blinds built into the pockets.

Blinds Lining

Generally speaking,  Standard Bonded Lining forms part of the construction of the Roman Blinds. However, standard blackout lining instead  depending upon fabric.  Under those circumstances, pin holes may be visible. In effect, where the lining has been sewn or tacked to the face of the fabric. Choice of lining is dependant upon fabric suitability.

Complying With Blinds Safety Standards 

Because of Regulations, all Roman Blinds arrive with Child Safety Devices.

With this in mind, installation of a safety device is paramount.

How To Use Roman Blinds

In fact, Roman Blinds are ideal for long thin windows. Alternatively,  wide windows, look better hung with two or more blinds next to each other. Unlike bay windows, whenever possible hang a blind in each section.

Additional Points When Buying To Keep In Mind

NB Due to colour variants between products, colour match is not be always guaranteed. The nature of some restrictions within the manufacturing process do not allow for the vertical symmetry of a patterned fabric. Notably, straightness of the horizontal design is not always guaranteed. The design of printed fabrics is not guaranteed to be centralised. As a result this must be remembered for multiple blinds in a room.

Of real importance, over time blinds may alter in shade and size. In addition, as a result of environmental conditions blinds may adjust.  With this in mind,  the situation can’t be avoided and occurs as a result of the fibres in the fabric during the manufacturing process.

All Roman blinds are made to measure.

Another key point is the cost of Roman Blinds. Request a sample to check suitability.