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Roller Blinds Enhanced Options Braid/ Scallops

Roller Blinds include additional options made to measure. Add scallops or braids to provide a focal point in room design. The roller blinds roll up to let a maximum amount of light a room. Some fabrics are suitable can be wiped clean with a damp cloth making them easy to clean. Blinds properties include moisture resistant/waterproof, patterns, blackouts, lace or just plain fabrics to add a modern feel along with texture. Furthermore, colours such as cream, browns, beige, blues, greens, reds, white, greys pinks and lilacs. Due to the sidewinder, blinds are easy to pull up and down. Obtain free quotes online.

Equally important, fabric details allow customers select the correct fabric for a project. By the same token, moisture resistant roller blinds are suitable in areas such as kitchen and bathrooms. Kitchens have high humidity and grease hence blinds which can be wiped clean a moisture resistant are perfect. Additional considerations include how close the window is to the cooker. A fire resistant blind may consequently be appropriate. Most noteworthy, in commercial offices fire resistant roller blinds are suitable.

All blinds are made from good quality materials.

Fitting Roller Blinds

Fitting Options include either recess fitting or outside fitted. In addition, blinds maybe top fixed or face fixed.

How to Order Roller Blinds Online

  • Choose Scallops or without scallops.
  • Enter the window measurements
  •  Select the fitting type on the order page.
  • The Roll Type
  • Chain Colour
  • Installation Height
Extra Options
  • Pulls
  • Braid
  • Bottom bar
  • Clip rings
Production of Roller Blinds

The Roller Blind includes:-

  • Aluminium tube
  • Fabric
  • Brackets
  • End caps that cover the fixing brackets.
  • Chain with safety devices
  • Chain connectors
  • Bottom Lathe also
  • Motor for Motorised Blinds

NB The blind width is calculated on the width size given.  Hence, the fabric is cut 35 mm approximately less than the overall width. Moreover, the control brackets are added on either side so the blind can operate smoothly. Furthermore, this enables blinds fitted in the recess to function within the space given.

Due to the wide range of roller blinds fabrics in the market may be required to confirm colour and any additional factors.

Blinds maybe purchased online anywhere in the UK.

Extra Roller Blinds, Senses Blinds & Motorised Blinds available.