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Pleated Roof Blinds Pre-tensioned Blinds

Pleated Roof Blinds What Are They?

Pre tensioned Pleated Roof Blinds constructed using concertina pleated fabric. Guide wires enables the blind to go up and down. Springs within the head rail work along with the guide rails wires to tension the fabric. The tension to hold the fabric and sliding rail taught is by means of a single polyester cord looped in a figure of eight around the blind. This is attached to a spring which is fixed inside the bottom rail

Not only suitable as roof window blinds in the home, but also in an lofts windows.  The blinds filter light entering any room. Many fabrics reflect the suns rays. The Duette Blind fabrics are as energy saving fabrics. Given the current situation with the energy prices increasing, the blinds provides an option in bringing in down energy bills. However, the initial outlay is not always cheap.

Overview Of Pleated Roof Blinds

Pleated Roof Blinds provide a solution during the summer months as window treatments. Conservatories in particular benefit from roof blinds.

Conservatories are often very hot places in the summer and very cold in the winter. Using roof blinds enables the conservatory become comfortable to be in.

Consequently, the roof blinds comes with fixed top and bottom rails. In addition,  a floating mid rail attached to the fabric. The blind moves the mid rail up or down. Nylon /Teflon coated steel wires ensures the blind runs smoothly. Either options are available as standard.  At the same time reduce the risk of sagging.

A Master pleat system guarantees the blind keeping it shape. Moreover, this ensures the blind maintain equal pleats.

With this in mind, only blinds to fit regular rectangular windows are available online.

Windows with alternative shapes, require a blinds specialist measuring the windows. Consequently, only regular rectangular pleated blinds is sold online.

For harder to reach roof blinds, add a wand, crank or motor operated option to your order. Consequently , the blinds will be blinds safe by design.

Types Of Pre Tensioned Blinds

  • PB10 – A Pre-tensioned blind with a handle and bottom rail.
  • PB20 – Pre-tensioned blind with multi -zone  Two handles allows the blind to go in any direction. An additional charge applies.
  • PE10 – An additional charge for the motor, remote and charger .
  • PR10-  Crank to operate the blind

NB  It is possible to use a regular pleated roof blind with a wand. For Example, model PB10 can use a Control wand to pull the blind up and down. There is an additional cost for the wand currently depending upon the size of the wand. Sizes available includes, 1000 mm, 1500 mm or 2000 mm. In addition, there is an Extendable Control Wand with a range from 1500 mm to 3000 mm.

As a matter of fact, solar reflective fabrics are available as Pleated Roof Blinds. The fabric details for each fabric contains information

By the same token, the blinds provides a solution for conservatories. As sooner or later the sun’s rays makes it too hot to stay in during the summer.

Hardware Colour Selection For Pleated Roof Blinds

The colour options are white, brown, black, light grey and metal grey.

Additional Pleated Blinds For A Conservatories or other windows

Free-Hanging Pleated Blinds for windows that needs pleated blinds. 

In summary the range of options along with extra fabrics is now available  on the website to meet the needs of customers.

NB To ensure the correct fabric for a project is suitable, order a sample.
NB The blinds are not branded rectangular pleated roof blinds