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Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds for Conservatory UPVC Windows

Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds suitable for UPVC Windows. In essence, the system consist of Venetian Blinds and a Perfect Fit Frame. As a result, these blinds provide a great solution for conservatory UPVC windows. Of note,  Louvolite Blinds specially designed the blind particularly for UPVC windows. As a matter of fact, the Perfect Fit frame sits flush the window frame. To that end the blind delivers a neat finish. Other benefits of the blinds is that they free up the window sill for ornaments. In addition,  Perfect Fit Venetian blinds are a solution for tit and turn windows.  The reason for this, is that the blinds fits onto the window frame. Above all,  the blinds offers the chance to control the amount of light in a room.

Consider Prefect Fit Blinds for aluminium Bi fold doors, French doors or Patio doors.

Furthermore, a range of frame colours adds to the decor of any room. Frame includes includes mahogany, silver, golden oak, white or brown.

In addition, the tensioned bottom handle enables the blind to be pulled up and down easily.

Furthermore, a wand controls light entering a room. Wand location- Either left or right.

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Perfect fit Venetian blinds in 7921 25 mm amo-textured

Perfect-fit-Venetian blinds -7921-25-amo-textured

Installing & Removing Perfect Fit Blinds For Conservatories

Furthermore, the blind for the most part is easy to install. For example, fitting the first blind makes fitting any other blinds takes a few minutes. This is true, as long as accurate measurements are taken.  An added bonus includes  no drilling or screwing required.  As long as brackets inserted onto the frame are secure, the frame clips onto the brackets. Removal requires a flat head screwdriver along with a reversal of the installation process.

NB The blinds are non-branded Perfect Fit Blinds.

Blinds Safety

Equally important includes the safety features. Moreover, as no cords hang down this results in no cords posing  a danger to children. The blinds are in effect safe by design.

In conclusion, although the blinds are suitable for conservatories, they have a place in other rooms. Rooms such as kitchens, bathroom, living rooms  as well as bedrooms also benefit from Perfect Fit Blinds.