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Motorised Blinds Battery Operated Or Electric

Options for Motorised Blinds

Motorised Blinds come in two options. Firstly, battery and secondly mains driven. As a matter of fact, both battery operated blinds and electric blinds, allows the blinds to open with ease.

A wide range of blackout blinds plain or pattern fabrics to choose from.

A real touch of luxury perfect for children’s playrooms or bedrooms. In addition, the blinds are an aid for those who find pulling cords difficult.

What Are The Advantages of Motorised Blinds?

On the positive side the advantages includes:-

  • In reality, perfect solution for hard to reach places
  • Easy to install.
  • Install the blinds in the same way as a regular roller blind.
  • A wide choice of colours as well as patterns.
  • Child safe -No cords, chains or strings.
  • Child safety an integral part of the design.
  •  A qualified electrician need not install.
  • A choice of battery in addition to mains operation.
  • Ability to run five blinds separately or simultaneously using one remote.
  • Fourteen channel remote handset available.
  • Rechargeable One Touch motor hidden in the tube.
  • Ability to set the stop upper and lower limits.
  • Inbuilt Lithium rechargeable batteries.
  • No need to remove the blind during the recharging process.
  • Remote controls operate the blinds.
  • Wall mounted controls an option.
  • For the most part, operate the blinds anywhere in the room.
  • Electric blinds lift up between 3 metres wide and 3.5 metres drop.
  • Max weight 5 kg.

Cassette Choice

Notably, there are three options:-

  1. Open cassette only.
  2. An open cassette with fabric inserts.
  3. A closed cassette roller blind.

In effect, the option affects the price of the blind.


The price includes:-

  1. The blind.
  2. The Cassette is it open or closed cassette.
  3. Choice of battery or mains wired motor.

For instance, the battery option is the Louvolite One Touch system. Accordingly, the mains system is the 1500 series by Louvolite.

Notably, living in Milton Keynes, view electric or battery operated blinds at home or business.

All blinds currently available online.

All photos provide an illustration of the blinds. Order a sample to check project suitability.