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Free Hanging Pleated Blinds & Pre-tensioned Blinds

What Are Free Hanging Pleated Blinds

Firstly, Free hanging pleated blinds use a pull cord and a cord lock. The two items enables the blind to raised and lowered in any position. The cord lock can be on the left or the right pulls the blind up and down. The blinds comes on our own non-branded Hunter Douglas system. As a result, the quality of the products are second to none. They takes up little space when pulled up as well as along the window sill and are 25mm.

Secondly, The Free hanging  Pleated Blinds option requires a minimum depth for recess fit is 25 mm. It ensures the head rail clear any obstructions.  Additionally, the blind can be stopped in any position.

Thirdly, the majority of fabrics are solar reflective. This is important when it comes to the sun’s rays and the need to reflect it.

Fourthly, small holes are visible on regular pleated blinds fabrics. In particular, where the cords connecting the the pleats that operate the blind will be seen. As a result, light will enter through the small holes.

Fifthly, Hanging several blinds side by side, will result in a small gap of 10 mm approximately between the blinds.

Sixthly, another key point includes the need to raise in addition to lowering the blind regularly. This ensures that the blind provides years of service.

What Are Pre-tensioned Pleated Blinds

In order to meet the needs of customers, an increased range of operating options are now available on the website. Pre- tensioned blinds as the name suggests are blinds under tension using springs in addition to guide cords.

The Pre-tensioned options includes cords running down the sides of the blinds that fits into feet on the window sill.

Pre-tensioned Models Available

BB20- Multi zone with two handles above the fabric and below the fabric. This enables the blind to go in any direction. Also cords tensions on either end of the blind that screw into feet. There is no bottom bar.

BB24 Handles Cord Tensioned at the sides and multizone, no fixed rails

Both Pre-tensioned blinds works well as top down bottom blinds.

Fabric Choices For Free-hanging & Pre-tensioned Blinds

Both blinds fabrics consists of folds in a concertina which allows the blind to fold up

The majority of fabrics has a solar protective coating denoted by ESP or ASC in the description. Additionally, a range of Duette Blinds fabrics now forms part of the collection on the website. Given the current energy prices increase, the Duette fabrics are energy saving fabrics. What’s more these fabrics also keep a room cool in the summer.

Moreover, for each fabric, within the description, the fabric properties are highlighted. For instance, those that are noteworthy as Eco Fabrics are in the description section. This aids selection as well as suitability for a particular room.

As well as the fabrics mentioned above, other additional fabric specification includes dim-out fabrics, moisture resistant, blackout, along with fabrics that allows light to pass through.

Minimum and Maximum Blind Size For Free-hanging Blinds

AO10 Free Hanging Model

Min Width 200 mm

Max Width 2150 mm

Min Drop 200 mm

Max Drop 3050 mm

Minimum and Maximum Blind Size For Pre-tensioned Model BB20

Min Width 400 mm

Max Width 2150 mm

Min Drop 200 mm

Max Drop 3050 mm

Model BB20 Minimum and Maximum Blind Size For Pre-tensioned

Minimum Width 400 mm

Maximum Width 1280 mm

Minimum Drop 200 mm

Maximum Drop 3050 mm

Which Rooms Are Appropriate For Free-hanging & Pre-tensioned

Given the versatility of the fabrics the  blinds are suitable  for Conservatories and can be matched with regular rectangular blind in the Pleated Roof Blinds Section.

Essentially Free Hanging Pleated Blinds are suitable for bedrooms, studies, front rooms along with dining rooms.  Nevertheless, a Duette Blackout blind offers the best solution in a bedroom because the cords run down the middle the fabric as opposed to regular pleated blinds. Notably, the fabric will have small holes where the cords run thorough.

Bracket Options For Free-hanging & Pre-tensioned Pleated Blinds

  • Spring Clips Top/ Face Fix – No charge
  • Face Fix Extension Bracket Spring  40mm – Chargeable
  • Spring Clips Face Fix Extension Bracket  70mm – Chargeable
  • Mounting Wedges Clear Chargeable

NB The width of the fabric is the same size as the rail without the end caps. Minimum overhang is 5 mm on either side. Please order a sample to check for colour and fabric suitability.