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Fakro Blinds For Loft /Skylight Windows

Fakro Blinds – A Skylight Blackout Blind

Fakro Blinds -Equally important is the fact, that the blinds fit Fakro windows perfectly. A number of blinds fit Fakro windows; however, not all fit the Fakro window profile.

Additionally, a rubber seal closes down onto the window. In effect, the seal prevents light leakage into the room. Additional side rails helps to prevent the light leakage.

Fakro Blackout Blinds combines quality and functionality. Not to mention the range of fabric choice to suit any decor.

NB Genuine Fakro Blinds

Fakro Blinds Fabric Construction

For one thing, Fakro blackout fabrics in addition to a silver layer combine protection from the sun’s rays. Not forgetting, the blackout fabric providing the darkness by and large.

The operating handle, controls the amount of light in a room


For the time being blinds sold on this website operate manually. If you have difficulty in reaching the blind, then you will be able to purchase a ZST rod.

NB All photos on our website are provided to illustrate how the blinds may look. As monitors or devices vary, please order a sample to check that it is suitable for your needs.

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