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Duette Honeycomb Blinds 25 mm Energy Saving Blinds

Duette Honeycomb Blinds in 25 mm pleats include insulation as part the design. The honeycomb blind traps air increasing energy saving properties. Cellular Blinds is an alternative name for these Duette Blinds.  The name depends upon the supplier, but refer to the same thing. Merit Blinds offers the option to buy Duette blinds online in the UK. Input the window sizes for an instant price. Customize the blind further with a variety of additional options.

Overview of Duette Blinds Operations

Two options for operating the Duette Honeycomb Blinds are available. Either Literise® or Smartcord. Both options are safe by design.

The Literise® system is a completely cordless system. The system simply raises or lowers the blind by moving the bottom rail. In addition, the Literise system has a spring and clutch system. The combination of the two allows the blind to be pushed up or down using a handle found on the bottom of the blind to where ever one wants. Effectively, the blind stays in that position until it is moved again.

Whereas the Smartcord honeycomb blind as the name suggest, uses a cord to pull the blind up and down. The cord has the ability to retract back into the head rail. This alleviates long cords that could pose a problem for children or venerable individuals. Pulling the cord allows the blind to operate and stop in the desired position. The Smartcord system is practically suited for longer windows as well as where access to the window is limited. Consequently, the Smartcord honeycomb system operates as a free-hanging option with a cord.

The videos below are an illustration of the fabrics and NOT Luxaflex branded blinds. All Duette Blinds are own brand.

NB The bottom up option NOT available on the website but POA.

Types of Duette Honeycomb Blinds Structure

  • Duette Blackout Blinds – A combination of fabric plus an aluminium layer running inside the fabric. This ensures that blocks out light. The blind keeps the heat in a room in the winter and the heat out during the summer months.
  • Full Tone Duette Blinds – Allows light pass through the fabric meanwhile permitting privacy. At the same time the blind is the same colour on both sides.
  • Duo Tone Honeycomb Duette Blinds -Two fabrics joined together. Basically, one side is white and an additional colour is room facing. The blinds provides privacy to a room as well as allowing light to pass through. For the most part, the fabrics reflect, transmit and absorb light. The percentage rates for individual vary from fabric to fabric. However, the figures for each blind are roughly the same during tests.
  • Batiste Duette blinds are transparent so that light will pass through the fabric. All Batiste blinds, as can be seen are honeycomb shape. The fabric construction resembles a woven linen look in addition to a natural feel. By the same token, as well as providing a central part in any colour scheme. The Batiste blinds are more expensive than other Duette Blinds.
  • Elan Duo Tone Duette blinds include translucent properties. This ensures privacy, with the result that light pass through.

For the most part, the collection includes a variety of fabric properties. For example, certain Duette blinds include fire resistant fabrics. As a result, these fabrics are suitable for windows in offices.

On the other hand, several are honeycomb blackout blinds while others are full tone thermal honeycomb blinds. The description of the fabric properties is found on each fabric.

Literise Limitations

Minimum Width 370 mm

Maximum width 2400 mm

Minimum Drop 200 mm

Maximum Drop 2100 mm

Literise Blackout Fabrics

Minimum Width 450 mm

Maximum width 2400 mm

Minimum Drop 200 mm

Maximum Drop 2100 mm

Duette Fixe Batiste fabrics can only be manufactured to a maximum drop of 2600 mm.

NB Unix Blackout Fire Retardant Fabrics is not available on the Literise system.

Smartcord Limitations

Minimum Width 435 mm

Maximum width 2400 mm

Minimum Drop 200 mm

Maximum Drop 2100 mm

The website will change according to the choice of blind chosen to reflect Smartcord or Literise limitations.

Duette Blinds Safety

Unquestionably, blinds safety is paramount. For this reason, either Smartcord or Literise operations is available on the website for Duette blinds.

The Duette Blinds are safe by design. In other words, no low hanging cords on either system to pose a danger to children, elderly or the venerable.

Energy Saving

Honeycomb Duette blinds offers the chance to save on energy costs as well as reducing heat loss. An Important factor in the current economic climate.

Headrail Colour Options

White is the standard colour – 34 mm high and 48 mm deep. Alternative colours – Brown, metal grey or black.

All plastic components and brackets are colour co-ordinated with the head rail colour.


Spring Clip top/ face fix  – No extra charge

Spring clip Face fix extension – Chargeable

Why Buy Duette Blinds

  1. The blinds absorb sound from the outside as well as softening the feeling in a room.
  2. A great solution as a window treatment with large windows.
  3. The operating options are child safe.
  4. Makes a great solution for children or bedroom windows.
  5. A wide range of fabrics on offer in a range of colours and patterns. The Duette Blinds provides blackout, sheer and translucent fabrics.
  6. The range offer a luxurious feel to any room.
  7. Duette honeycomb blinds allows a choice in privacy.
  8. In comparison to regular pleated blinds, cords are not visible. In fact, cords run down the centre of the blind.
  9. The blind is a good choice as conservatory blinds.

Summary of Cellular or Duette Honeycomb Blinds

For very long windows, it may be worth selecting the Smartcord option as you may not be tall enough to reach the top of the window. Both are considered safe by design by the Blinds industry as the cords run inside the blind fabric.

The pricing structure is dependant up the fabric chosen as well as the width and the drop of the window. Those in the lowest bands are cheaper band C than those in a higher band such as F band.

In fact the Duette Blinds are suitable for a wide range of windows in the home or office.

In conclusion a wide range of fabrics ensure there is a fabric to suit any décor. Choose a fabric from the range of blinds online.

NB To ensure that the fabric will suit your needs, please order a sample as the way devices or monitors display our blinds can vary and the blinds are given to illustrate how they may look.