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Cassette Blinds With Side Tracks Commercial Installations

Cassette Blinds with side tracks specially built to suit commercial projects offers developers or project managers a range of solutions. In the first place commercial windows often are larger than domestic windows. In fact the larger cassette blinds sold on the website provides a solution for commercial windows.  As a result, the blinds allows darkening a room by eliminating the light above as well as down the sides and along the sill.

Cassette Blinds With Side Tracks Construction

Importantly, an Aluminium head box incorporates the fabric. This provides protection for the fabric. It also covers the barrel along with the aluminium side rails.

The blinds comes in a range of head box sizes to reflect the variety of windows found on the market. In addition, barrel sizes includes 45, 53 or 70 mm grooved aluminium barrels which accommodates a variety of fabrics. The larger the head box the more fabric it can accommodate. Accordingly, this allows blinds for larger windows.

The bottom bar consists of an a pile seal along with an aluminium grooved barrel in which fabric is locked into it.

Additionally, studs or pips fit onto the edge of the fabric. Furthermore of the studs aids the fabric to remain within the side tracks.

As a matter of fact, the aluminium is available in white or black.

Cassette Blind with side rail crank control

Cassette Blind with side rail crank control

Operation Options For Commercial Cassette Blinds With Side Tracks

Above all there are a range of options in order to operate the blind.

Video of C44 Crank Series Option    Video of  C40 Chain Option Series

  • A slipstream metal chain with a chain tidy. Given the fact the blinds fit the larger windows, the mechanism provides a robust option.  In fact the cord tidy, allows the blind to keep secured to the wall in order to meet blinds safety regulations. -E.g C40- 90, the 40 denotes the chain and the 90 the size of the head box.
  • A crank option allows the blinds to be open and close with the mechanism. The crank  features a compact, robust 1:3 gear mechanism. The crank handle is detachable and is robust to meet the commercial installations . E.g C44 denotes crank operation and the 120, the size of the head box.
  • Of importance The Tracker or zip retaining system which prevents fabric from being pushed out of the side rails in the event of a gust of wind in a room. For example C40 90T Tracker or Zip denotes the tracker or zip option, which aids in preventing blow out of fabrics from side channels.
  •  In general, the larger the number the bigger the head box.
  •  The most popular head box or blind is the C40 90 chain blind.

The blinds are suitable for commercial  installations such as  as well as offices, colleges, public buildings or within the domestic home.

Benefits Of Commercial Cassette Blinds With Side Tracks

The blinds construction ensures that light seepage is minimal. Additionally, the blinds prevents heat loss in rooms while at the same time, blocking draughts. Of particular note, The Cassette blinds with tracker or zip blinds prevent the fabric being blown out of the side tracks. At the same time, the blinds construction provides savings on energy cost by reducing draughts. In most instances a main reason for purchasing the blinds is to darken a room. Adding the side tracks along with the front fixing strip reduces light seepage. A bead of mastic aids in sealing and blocking any light along the window sill.

Fitting Options For Cassette Blinds With Side Tracks/ Frames

Options includes top fix or face fix.

Fabric Properties For Roller Blinds With Side Tracks

Fabrics include polyester/acrylic foam coated backing and comply with the BS 5867 Part 2/Din 4102 Part 1, B2 Daylight or Type 2:Type B 2008.

Some fabrics incorporates a Biosafe formula. Importantly,  Biosafe properties aids in the prevention of infection. Furthermore, this ensures the material suitability in surgeries or hospitals.

Moreover, all fabrics are suitable for commercial buildings. Being especially designed with practicality to meet the robust needs for commercial installations. Notably, all fabrics can be used in moist conditions.

On the positive side all fabrics sold in this section as commercial blinds are suitable for computer rooms.

Care Instruction For Blinds With Side Rails

However, the fabrics are not  suitable for dry cleaning or tumble drying. Wipe with a damp sponge and not suitable for ironing.


Fabrics conform with – 1:2004 for light fastness in accordance with 150 105-B02:1999

Cassette Blinds With Side Tracks Restrictions For Commercial Windows

                                     Min Width          Max Width           Min Drop         Max Drop         Max m²

C40-90 Chain     200 mm           3450 mm           300 mm          3250 mm           6.5

C40-120 Chain    200 mm            4700 mm            300 mm           5000 mm             11.5

C44-90 Crank     200 mm             3450 mm            300 mm         3250 mm          5.5

C44-120 Crank     200 mm            4700 mm            300 mm          5000 mm          10.0

C47-90T Tracker   200 mm          3450 mm            300 mm          2850 mm          9.0

C47-120T Tracker   200 mm         3450 mm            300 mm          3450 mm          9.0

Tracker Zip Blind diagram

Tracker Zip Blind diagrams

Tracker zip blind diagram 2

Tracker zip blind diagram 2

On the whole, the lager the head box, the larger area the blinds will cover.

NB At times joins are necessary to achieve a long drop or width. Joins on the drop are made at the top of the blind.

Above all the choice of blinds within the website provides solutions for offices, schools, colleges, hospitals, surgeries or homes.

Domestic Spring Loaded Blinds provides a cheaper alternative than the Commercial Blinds within this section. Also the Blocout XL Blinds are intended for the domestic market and are also cheaper as the cassette blinds comes with side tracks.

Chain Operated Components

Chain Operated Components

Crank Operated Components

Crank Operated Components

In conclusion, these cassette blackout blinds with side tracks are a premium product and will provide years of service provided the blinds are fitted correctly. Currently on the website, Eden Blackout fabrics are available. However, other fabrics are an option.  For example Eden translucent fabrics or screen fabrics. POA.