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Blocout Cassette Blackout Blinds With Side Channels/ Tracks Room Darkening

New Bloc blind 

Blocout Cassette Blackout Blinds By Bloc Blinds especially relevant in darkening a room where light presents a problem.  Bloc Blinds developed this unique system . The Cassette head rail has a height of 60 mm at the front and a depth of 45 mm. The cassette blackout blinds side channels/tracks/frames are 40 mm wide. As a matter of fact, the fabrics are reversed rolled

These blinds were formerly known as Eco Thermal Blinds otherwise Bloc 40.

Fitting Range

  • Minimum Width 400 mm
  • Min Drop 300 mm
  • Max Width 1800 mm
  • Max Drop 1500 mm

Frame Colours

  • White
  • Cream
  • Silver

How Blocout Blinds With Side Channels Works

First of all the blind has a head box. In addition,  Aluminium side channels are fitted to the head box. The combination of the head box with side channels, enables a room to be darkened. Within the side rails brush seals run all the way inside the side tracks. Most noteworthy are the black seals which are located on the handle.  Pushing the handle towards the window allows the blind to move up or down. Since of all these factors work together, the blind is able to block out almost most light.

The operating handle comes into contact with the window sill blocking the light from entering the room.

Energy Saving & Cooling Properties

Secondly British Blind & Shutter Association tests, shows heat reduction up to 43% through windows.

While the binds construction enables savings of heat in the winter as well as, reduce draughts, it also prevents heat loss from a room. The fabric forms a barrier between the room as well as the window thereby providing energy savings on heat costs. Consequently, heat within the room stays in the room.

Furthermore, during the summer, the blackout blinds with side tracks block out the sun and keep a room cool.

By the same token, all fabrics within the collection allows room darkening or keeping the room cool. Fabrics with white backing affords the best energy saving blackout blinds.

A wide selection of fabrics available.

Blinds Safety

Third, the blind is spring operated without cords  thereby It does not pose a danger to children or animals. Ideal in playrooms as well as  children’s rooms. Equally, night workers, migraine suffers benefit from the Blocout system as a result of room darkening.

Installing Blocout Cassette Blinds

Finally as a drill free product, the blind are easy to install. Necessary tools in order to fit the blinds include a hammer and screwdriver.

Fitting options available

  • Edge of recess
  • Inside Recess/ Reveal batons 3 sides
  • Surface 3 sides
  • Surface 4 sides

NB-  Wood 8 mm thick by 45 mm deep might prove helpful in squaring a window.  Alternatively, wooden batons enabling blinds to fit in the recess is available as an option. Additional charges apply.

Check fabric suitability, please order a sample.

Blocout Cassette Blackout Blinds – Are NOT suitable for photographic rooms. 

Blocout blind formerly Eco Thermal Blinds From Bloc Blinds

Blocout Blind- Previously Know  As Eco Thermal Blinds


Lightly dust or hoover regularly.

Windows larger than 1800 mm wide/ 1500 mm drop – Blocout XL 80 Larger system