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Bloc Ouro Roller Blinds

Bloc Ouro Roller Blinds offers great selection at great prices as well as great quality. All blinds come with a

  • Clutch and chrome metal chain as standard either on the left or right
  • Chain cut to length dependant on blind installation height
  • Louvolite barrel
  • Safety P-clip to ensure Blinds Safety Regulations
  • Metal Brackets with covers
  • Choice of standard or reverse roll
  • PVC Bottom Bar welded pocket
  • Recess or Surface Fit

Benefits Of Bloc Ouro Roller Blinds

Additionally, Bloc Ouro Roller Blinds offers the opportunity to finish off any colour scheme. The range includes monochromatic, traditional, complimentary and much more.  For instance, the range of pattern fabrics offers the chance to make the blind a focal point in any room. The latest exclusive geometric  roller blinds fabrics fits this description perfectly.

Meanwhile, practical fabrics such as PVC fabrics offers the ability to wipe the fabric. At the same time over as well as moisture resistant provides a solution where damp is a problem. Using a fire retardant fabric in a office is the practical way to go and the collection provides this option.

Blackout Ouro Roller Blinds allows the blinds to be used in a bedroom. However, Blocout Blinds with side rails that work using a spring aids in blocking light out of a bedroom. For larger windows, Blocout XL Blinds provides is a solution for these windows.

Of particular note is that Roller Blinds are often found in kitchens and bathrooms.

All in all, Bloc Ouro Roller Blinds are simple to use and to fit in most windows. Using just two brackets that fit within the window recess or surface mount. The blinds are raised and lowered using the metal chain. The blinds are one of the cheapest window treatment.

Care Of Bloc Ouro Roller Blinds

Installation and operating the blinds correctly keeps the blinds  looking its best. Furthermore, using a feather duster or wiping with a damp cloth offers the opportunity to maintain the blind.  It is possible to change the clutch  and chain if is necessary.