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Amo Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds

Amo Venetian Blinds available in 16 mm or 25 mm from Aluminium metal slats. Customers can buy Venetian Blinds online in our web shop.

Amo Venetian Blinds Head Rail Details

The head rail measures 25 mm wide by 24 mm deep. A U shaped head rail and a closed bottom rail form the base construction.

How Venetian Blinds Operate

Cords lift or lower the blinds. In addition, all blinds come with the latest Blind Safety mechanism ensuring Blinds Safety Regulations compliance.

Slats open and close using an acrylic wand. Furthermore an alternative, Uni-wands are available. Consequently, Uni-wand mechanism performs three functions. It lifts, lowers plus tilts the Venetian Blinds Slats. The wand can be located either on the right or to left of the blind. As a result, this wand is available in addition to the blind cost.

Therefore, these blinds provide complete controls the amount of light entering the room.

In addition, the blinds maybe fitted in the recess of a window or outside the window.

A range of Venetian Blinds to suit every colour scheme obtainable online. Black slats look really effective in a monochromatic scheme. Thermo Stop Blinds/ Thermal range reduce heat gain and heat loss. Indeed, the blinds remain suitable window treatment in any project.

Bespoke blinds quotes can be ordered securely from our online shop in the UK.

Moreover, customers living in Milton Keynes, allow us to bring the collection to you.

NB If the head and bottom rail is NOT an exact match with your chosen slat, the head rail and bottom rail are colour coordinated as per the manufactures recommendations. Aliwood slats replicate real wood. As a result, some shade variation may occur between batches.

NB To ensure that the aluminium slat is the right slat for your window treatment, order a sample. To say nothing of the way the variation devices or monitors display our blinds. Equally, the blinds photos provide an illustration how they may look.

Other Venetian Blinds choices in greater price range.