Merit Blinds Website

Our new blinds website has just gone live. Hooray!

With perseverance, all the work is available for all to see.

Searching For A Website Designer

Almost most days, an email of a website developer landed in our inbox. On checking, we realised that some companies tried to pass their companies off as another. Others, promised the earth but did not deliver. However, we were able to narrow our choice down to one. Freestart.

The hard work began. Numerous phone calls along with emails to ensure our intentions were clear.


Our New Blog

We are planning to keep you all up to date with the latest news and latest blinds available to our customers.  In addition, we would like to ensure that we are able to provide practical information. At the same time, we hope to create a dialogue with you. In particular with any issues that you may have in selecting the right blinds for you.