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Window blinds guide Window Blinds Guides

In the first instance, this page provides a helpful information guide on window blinds. As a matter of fact, blinds selection, often lasts for a number of years. Window blinds, vary in price depending upon quality. Similarly, many factors requires attention. Not to mention window styles, personal choice in addition to personal choice. For example, colour scheme, additional curtains or blocking light out.

Equally important, additional details on this page provides information in selecting the right product.

Blinds For Children’s Bedrooms

Bedroom Blinds

Blackout Blinds

Cleaning Blinds And Curtains

Roller Blinds Information

How To Choose A Window Blind

Protect Your Home Or Office

Which Blinds Parts Can Be Replaced or Repaired?

What Factors Affect The Price of Blinds?

Choosing Colour In Designing A Room In A Home Or Commercial Space

Bathroom Blinds & En Suite Window Treatments

How To Charge Motor Senses Motorized

Motorised Info For Senses Blinds


Senses Motor 1 Channel Remote Charger

Motor Senses

Motorised Hard Wired AC Motor 3540 45-mm Tube With Remotes 

Hardwired_AC_Motor_1500 Series_15_Channel_Remote_R1735_Instructions 

Lithium Rechargeable  Battery  Motor 14-42 Channel  Remote 1100 series R1722_|Instructions

Lithium_Rechargeable_Battery_Motor_5_Channel_Remote_1100 Series_R1720_instructions_

Rechargeable One Touch Lithium Motor With Remote Duplex Motorization