Frequently Asked Questions From Previous Customers

Frequently asked questions includes how to overcome a number of problems. In addition, tips dealing with fitting blinds explained.

Q. How accurate are the colour swatches?
Whilst every effort is made to ensure blinds match swatches, dye batches from our manufacturers may vary. We cannot guarantee although we are very accurate with our stains.

Q. How do I order samples?
If would like a sample select the sample from your choice of blinds you are interested in and click the add sample to cart button to make your request. If you wish to add additional samples navigate to the products and make your selections. You will be able to choose up to five samples for free.

Q. What should I do when my sample arrives?
If you have created a mood board, put it together with the other samples so as to get an idea how your idea will work together. If you are just seeking to change the window treatment, hold your sample up against the window or ask someone else to do it so that you can see if the colour and fabric works with your colour scheme. It may be worth doing this in daylight and artificial light so you can be sure how the fabric looks and you are happy with it.

Q. How do I measure standard windows?
Please check our measuring guide at- How To Measure For Window Blinds

Q. I have a bay window and need help to measuring?
How you measure depends upon the type of window you have. Please see our guide found at:-

Q. Can I order on-line?
Yes. We have tried to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Q. Do you supply outside the UK?
At present we are only able to supply blinds within the UK. Only Bloc Blinds have the current ability to be delivered to Europe.

Q. How do I know if you have received my order?
You will be notified by e-mail immediately we receive your order.

Q. Can I change my order once I’ve submitted it?
Once your order has been submitted we are unable to cancel or change it once it has gone into our manufacturing process.

Q. How soon can I expect my delivery after I place my order?
Most orders are completed within 7-10 working days from receipt of order. However, during peak holiday times or as a result of Brexit, this may not be possible.  Some of our wood blinds and Blocout blinds may take 15 working days.

Q. I’m concerned about my children’s safety, do you supply child safety devices?
Yes, we are only to supply a blind that has been made with child safety features by design or with blinds safety clips or mechanism. Alternatively, the option to add a motor so that no chain are used in making the blinds.

Q. Are the blinds guaranteed?
Yes they come with a 12 month guarantee.

Q. Do fitting instructions come with your blinds?
No for the time being, but however, you can also download these from the order page of the relevant blind or download a video.

Q. I need blinds for a commercial office. What type of blinds should I be looking at?
You will need to consider blinds which have fire resistant properties. We have included in our description section, details of the fabric to help you make the right selection. We are also currently expanding our commercial blinds selection to provide you with more variety to meet your needs.

Q. Do you sell blackout blinds?
Yes we have blackout fabrics on roller, vertical and roman blinds. If you wish to block out light from the sides then take a look at our BlocOut Blinds and our larger system BlocOut XL.

Q. What does SRC /ASC mean?
Solar Reflective Coating found often on pleated blinds. They can be added to Roller or Vertical Blinds fabrics.

Q. How accurate are the colours on your web site to the actual fabrics?
As all computers vary in the way colour is shown, we recommend that you order a sample/s before placing your order.

Q. Is your site secure?
Yes. We appreciate that this is an area that is important to you as our customers. We have taken the necessary steps and use up to the minute technology to ensure that this site is secure for credit card/ debit card payments.

Q. Do you pass on personal details to others?
It is our company’s policy not to share your details to third parties without your express prior consent.

Q. My blinds have arrived faulty – what should I do?
Phone us on 01908 503482 or email us and we shall endeavor to sort out the problem. If we need to get the blind back we’ll arrange for our courier to collect it from you as soon as possible.

Q. If I need to return my blinds how do I pack them?
You’ll need to pack them in the original packaging if possible.

Q. How do I rest the limits on my Blocout XL Motorised Blind?
Step by step instructions at How To Reset Blocout XL Motorised Blinds


Q. I have cut the chain in the wrong place and now some of them won’t turn.
You will need to order some more chain.

Q. I have fitted my vertical blind head rail and slats and the slats won’t turn.
1. Take all the off slats from the head rails. Please put the back chain on first nearest the window ensure that the chain at the bottom will operate correctly.
2.Turn the control chain at side for the carriers to a 90 degree angle and put the slats back on so you can see through the slats.

Q. I would like a change of colour scheme and have Vertical Blinds. Do you supply just slats/ louvres or vanes only?
Yes. We need the hem to hem measurement and how many slats you need.

Q. I have very large windows. How can I dress them?
This depends on the type of blind you wish to choose as a window treatment. It may be worthwhile splitting the window up into sections.