Keeping In Tip Top Condition

Here are a few tips to ensure your blinds continue to give you years of service for those who want to ave and do it yourself.

Use a duster to clean your blinds.Care needs to be taken during the cleaning process.

Many blinds can also be cleaned by using a vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment. Care needs to be taken to prevent damage, so this needs to be done with a light touch. If the blinds are cleaned regularly, it is easier to keep on top of things.

For an up to date method get your blinds cleaned professionally using an Ultrasonic Blinds Cleaning Service.

Cleaning Curtains Made to Measure or Ready Made

Dust builds up over time on both blinds and curtains. You can extend the life of your curtains by vacuuming them regularly with the upholstery nozzle. If you discover that the fabric has begun to disintegrate, it is time to think about investing in some new window treatments. If your curtains are lined, then the only way to clean them is to take them to the dry cleaners.

If your curtains are washable then pay particular attention to the care label so that you are able to put up freshly cleaned curtains that will still fit your window.

Loosen the headed tapes and remove any hooks or weights.If you are going to wash by hand use a gentle detergent ensuring that it has no additives such as bleach that will affect the original colour of the fabric. Add the detergent to the water ensuring that it is completely dissolved and the temperature is appropriate before you add the curtains. Gently squeeze the material and rinse thoroughly.

If washing by machine, follow the care label carefully taking care not to overload the machine.

Alternatively, if the fabric label recommends dry cleaning then take the curtains to the dry cleaners.

Cleaning Nets and Voiles

If you have net curtains or voiles then check the label for the washing instructions. You may need to wash them by hand with a mild detergent. If you have left the nets or voiles for too long and they look very dirty a good soak may help to get rid of some of the dust before you wash them. Use Glo-White or a curtain whitener to brighten them up on the final rinse. Do not spin them too much if you have washed them by machine. If you have washed them by hand, wring out leaving some water in the nets or voiles. Put them out on the line on a sunny day and they will be whiten further. Do not allow to become completely dry and iron whilst still damp with a cool iron.

Make time also to clean your windows so that your can see the effect of all the hard work done. Put them back up and pat yourself on the back and admire.