Overview Blinds In Milton Keynes

Merit Blinds in Milton Keynes general background. As a family business living in Milton Keynes, Merit Blinds work with you to obtain the best blind for your window.

We offer free blinds quotes in Milton Keynes without obligation, using a range of fabrics.  Sourcing additional fabrics in the event current samples are not suitable.

Having started off in the soft furnishing many years ago and interior designing. We now specialize in all types of window blinds. Using the experience over the last 21 years to find the right blind for the project in mind. Additionally, all blinds comes with the latest blinds safety features. For examples, cordless, wand or chains with safety cleat or P clip.

The Working Process For Milton Keynes Blinds

The selection progress involves:-

  • Listening to your brief
  • Understanding the brief and budget
  • Measuring (free in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.)
  • Advice concerning fabric options (free)
  • Fitting
  • Feedback on service


Due to the large range of blinds on the market, a good selection of blinds are available to choose from. Furthermore, basic blinds include Vertical, Roller Blinds, Venetian or Wooden Blinds.

The range of roller blinds includes designer fabrics as well as basic run of the mill fabrics. Other fabrics on offer includes sheer, along with blackout materials. Finish of the blinds with a range of scallops or braids.

A regular choice formerly in offices, vertical blinds fabrics provides sleek lines. Often now found in conservatories, patio doors or any where within a home. The range fabrics offers a great solution to a home owner.

Metal Venetian Blinds or wood blinds in Milton Keynes make up a good proportion of the market.

Wooden Blinds in Milton Keynes

Wooden Blinds in Milton Keynes

In fact, the vast numbers of customers choose a wooden blind or a combination of blinds as window blinds.

Commercial Blinds Milton Keynes

Commercial spaces require commercial blinds that comply with blinds safety regulations. All commercial blinds or office blinds comprise a fire resistant material.

The office blinds provides a suitable window treatment for public buildings or blue chip companies.

An ability to control light is an important factor in any commercial building. For example, staff unable to seen computer screens is problematic. Additionally, anti glare fabrics is useful in such a situation.  At the same time, these fabrics provides shade. Creating the right environment aids productively.

A number of vertical and roller fabrics are fire retardant and also suitable for commercial installations in Milton Keynes.

Office blinds Milton Keynes provide the perfect solution in a home office or business. As a result of many working from home office blinds provide a practical solution. Studies are often part of many homes in MK. In addition, Private Sector business often require business blinds  for long windows.  Furthermore, bespoke or custom blinds are essential to suit the windows. Likewise, Public Sector such as schools, councils or universities require blinds that are practical and flame retardant. Equally important factors such as safety and within budget of the purchasing authority are essential.

In effect, new office blinds finish any renovations within an office and often has an effect on the mood of occupants.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

For bespoke specialized blinds, Shy Zip blinds offer an array of blinds to meet most needs. The blinds are a cassette blind with side guides. The zip is an integral part of the blinds construction.  Another key point is the ability to block out almost all light in a room.

Motorization enables access blinds that are difficult reach. Therefore, no pressure on a side chain or winder for the blind to operate.

Domestic Windows

On the other the other hand, we are able to offer a wide range of plain or patterned blinds along with with Metal Venetian Blinds.  Wooden Venetian blinds are a popular choice in Milton Keynes.

Pleated blinds options are available such as our freehangingpre-tensioned and pre-tensioned roof blinds.

Moreover, many fabrics includes a solar reflective backing. Furthermore, the solar reflective material means the blinds are suitable for conservatories. An important factor in keeping the conservatory cool during the summer. At the same time, ensuring the conservatory is a comfortable place to be in.

Pleated Pre tensioned Blinds

Pleated Pre tensioned Blinds


Both pre-tensioned pleated blinds are safe by design.

Roman Blinds are well know as a soft furnishing. The type of lining in particular, a bonded or interlined lining adds weight to the main fabric.

The lining improves the way the blinds hang. Consequently, using  made to measure Roman Blinds  in Milton Keynes adds a touch of luxury to any room.

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

Loft Blinds In Milton Keynes

Loft windows at times, pose difficulty in dressing. At times, the manufactures identity is not always evident. Regular skylight  windows have codes.  Finding the codes location for loft window blinds, depend upon window manufacture.

At the same time we are able to supply  brand skylight blinds. The loft blinds includes blinds. Branded skylight blinds includes  Velux Blinds or  Fakro Blinds.  

Additionally, other skylight blinds by Bloc Blinds provide an alternative. Bloc blinds makes blinds to fit  Dakstra and Rooflite windows.  Thereby providing an alternative to branded blinds.

In the event that the size of the window is unknown, a custom made blind is an option.

Special Blinds

Duplex Blinds/Duo Blinds are also known as Zebra blinds. Alternatively, sometimes called Day & Night blinds. These blinds provide an alternative to regular roller blinds. The distinctive system offers a modern roller blind in effect. The blinds allows total control in both light and privacy.

Moreover a conservatory, benefit from the Perfect Fit Blinds system.  At the same time adding a focal point to a window. Equally important is the unique no drill system. The blinds snap onto brackets on UPVC windows. Depending upon fabric chosen, the blind blocks out almost all light providing an additional benefit.

Waterproof Blinds provides the perfect answer in areas with high humidity. The fabrics consist of PVC and perfect for bathrooms or kitchens

Energy Saving Blinds

Blocout Cassette Blinds with side rails  in addition to Blocout XL  have been designed to darken a room. As a matter of fact the blinds  save energy as well as money. The blinds offers a great room darkening choice in domestic windows.

Duette Blinds  specially designed to save energy. The fabric comes in a range of colours, sizes an fabric properties. In essence, the honeycomb construction guarantees to save energy.

Blackout Duette Blinds contain a silver lining running the centre of the fabric.

An additional bonus with these blinds, involves the cords. They run down the centre of the blind. This is in contrast to regular pleated blinds as the cords run through the fabric. This creates small holes which often allows light to bleed through.

Duette 25 mm Blackout Royal Plume

Duette 25 mm Blackout Royal Plume

Difficult To Reach Windows

Inaccessible windows-  wands or solar powered blind options are available . All these blinds are made using blackout materials. Choices for Velux Blinds in Milton Keynes available either directly from Velux. Alternative non branded Velux blinds to fit their windows available.

Motorised Blinds  are the perfect solution to accessing difficult to reach windows. Another factor includes the safety aspect. Cords are not used in the construction of the blind. With this in mind the ability to control the blinds from the comfort of an armchair makes these blinds versatile.


Need blinds in Milton Keynes?  Please contact us. We will do our best to help. Alternatively, obtain a quick blind quote online.

Select blind, enter window sizes plus additional options, obtain quote. This is a supply only option.

Otherwise, a full service includes, measuring, blind selection plus fitting.

All blinds comes with 12 months guarantee as minimum.

Broken blinds? A repair service is available as long as it cost effective to repair.