Blinds in Milton Keynes general background. As a family business living in Milton Keynes, Merit Blinds  work with you to obtain the best blind for your window. Free quotes without obligation, using over 1275 fabrics including slats.  Sourcing additional fabric in the event current samples don’t fit the brief as set out in the project.

The Working Process

The selection progress involves:-

  • Listening to your brief
  • Understanding the brief and budget
  • Measuring (free in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.)
  • Advice concerning fabric options (free)
  • Fitting
  • Feedback on service

Blinds Selections

Due to the large range of blinds on the market,  a good selection of blinds are available. Furthermore, basic blinds  include Vertical, Roller Blinds, Venetian or Wood Blinds.

In fact, the vast of customers choose one or a combination of blinds as window treatments.

On the other hand, commercial spaces require commercial blinds that comply with safety regulations. All commercial blinds or office blinds comprise a fire resistant material. A  number of vertical and roller fabrics are fire retardant and also suitable for commercial installations in MK.

On the other the other hand, domestic customers need domestic blinds. As a result, we are able to offer an array of plain or patterned blinds along with with  Metal Venetian Blinds.

Other pleated blinds options are available such as our freehangingpre-tensioned and pre-tensioned roof blinds.

Special Blinds

Loft windows at times, pose difficulty in dressing. At times, the manufactures identity is not always evident. Regular skylight  windows have codes.  Finding the codes location, depend upon the manufacture.

At the same time for those with skylights we are able to supply you with the  Velux Blinds or  blinds made  Fakro Blinds.  In addition, other skylight blinds made by Bloc Blinds  Dakstra and Rooflite windows.

Duplex Blinds also known as Zebra blinds provide an alternative to regular roller blinds.

If you have a conservatory, we have Perfect Fit Blinds that are able to add a focal point to your window.

Consequently, using Roman Blinds adds a touch of luxury to any room.

Energy Saving Blinds

Blocout Blinds in addition to Blocout XL  have been designed to darken a room and save energy.

Duette Blinds designed to save energy  come in a range of colours, sizes an fabric properties.


Difficult To Reach Windows

Inaccessible windows-  wands or solar powered blind options are available . All these blinds are made using blackout materials.

Motorised Blinds are the perfect solution to accessing difficult to reach windows.


If you require Blinds in Milton Keynes please contact us and we will do our best to help. Alternatively, obtain a quick quote online.

Select blind, enter window sizes plus additional options, obtain quote -supply only.

Otherwise, a full service includes, measuring, blind selection plus fitting.

Broken blinds? A repair service is available as long as it cost effective to repair.