Factors To Take Into Account When Selecting Children’s Bedroom Blinds

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when it comes to buying blinds for children’s bedrooms.

They are so precious so their safety is paramount. The blinds industry has addressed this issue in recent times. A fundamental question is do you need blackout blinds for a nursery?

The window treatment selected can create a comfortable surrounding. Getting this right will enable little to sleep. A must when helping them get into a routine. It is important for them to learn when it is time for them to sleep. Blinds can help them to do so that parents will also enjoy much needed rest. Blackout vertical blinds or blackout roller blinds are ideal for a kid’s bedroom and we have an array of plain and patterned fabrics to choose from. Often a bedroom may double up as a playroom so the right blind selection is important.

If money is tight, it maybe worth investing in blinds that can see a child various stages of their lives.

Blinds for Children’s Bedrooms Available On The Market To Choose From?

Pre-tensioned Pleated blinds offer a practical way of controlling the light by being pulled up and down by handles. The cords are attached to the window sill. Some fabrics are also solar reflective.

The Duette Fixé Blackout Pleated Blinds are a good solution for a child’s bedroom. In particularly a VS1 option is an energy efficient blind. At the same time, it has child safety built into the blind as well as blackout properties. It thereby controls the amount of light in a bedroom. Additionally, as a child’s bedroom is often used as a place to play and relax, it needs to be as comfortable as possible.

Blinds for children's bedrooms

Blinds for children’s bedrooms

Choice of fitting either recess or surface mount. An important factor includes measuring the recess correctly. Measure the width across the top, middle and bottom. Use the smallest width when placing the order.

Tip ! Mark with a pencil where you want the blind fitted.  This ensures fitting will be in the correct place.

Our See Our Eco Thermal Cassette Blackout Blind With Side Bars.  No chains makes them ideal blinds for children’s bedrooms. These blinds offer a cordless system as a safety feature. In addition they block out the light that bleed through the gaps around a normal roller blind. The blind is a cassette blind and are relatively easy to fit.

blinds for children's bedrooms 2

blinds for children’s bedrooms 2

A blind with built in safety features is a must for any bedroom, playroom or nursery.


Being able to keep the blinds clean is important.

Blackout Blinds Cost

The price of a blind is dependant upon production costs. Alternatively, brands costs more than a basic fabric. Not to mention fabric banding. Band A – the cheapest and Band G the most expensive.


In the summer, one of the most practical blinds for a child’s bedroom is a blackout roller blind.

Taking all things into consideration ensuring that the bedroom is safe,comfortable and practical as possible as well as fun will pay dividends.

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